Thursday, 30 May 2013

School Uniform

To be honest, I wish my school uniform had been like this. Vintage pinafores are still loving life in fashion land. I'm still debating getting a denim one, I like how they look but I guess I just haven't found "the one".

Back to my 'school uniform', this actually was the colour of my primary school uniform. Light blue shirt and dark navy jumper. Ah those were the days, playing hopscotch and sword fighting with maths equipment on 'wet lunchtimes'. How did they get away with a phrase like that?!

I absolutely LOVE this shirt. Back in April when I was in Spain we took a day trip to Marbella. The only preconceptions I had of Marbella is that the TOWIE lot love it and therefore it must be pretty chav-tastic but it was actually a lovely little town. Going in April meant that it was pretty quiet so it may well be a different story in the summer but we liked it. Anyhow, while there I spotted a vintage and secondhand shop called Utopia run by an English girl called Katie. The shirt jumped out at me straight away but I wasn't supposed to be shopping so I left. I then realised what a terrible mistake I had made and came back to find it closed for siesta! I wasn't going to be beaten by a Spanish nap so I waited around and finally, it was mine.

That story is all yours for free.

Pinafore - New Look
Pussybow Blouse - Utopia
Studded Bag - Moroccan Market
Oxfords - Office
Lipstick - Stiletto by Sleek


  1. I'm super glad I wondered across your blog. You have a wonderful sense of style, and it's definitely something I intend to follow. Loving the pinafore in this outfit! xx