Saturday, 30 March 2013


Monochrome is something I used to associate with the word boring. The word monochrome in itself is not boring at all, in fact, I think it sounds super futuristic and cool but just black... and white... together? It totally goes against my need for bold colours or patterns.

Since it arrived for SS13 I've discovered that actually monochrome is a very bold look in itself. I also like how easy it is to do, for example everything I'm wearing here I already owned. There was no need to go out and buy myself some striking monochrome paneled trousers (which I definitely did do) everything was sitting in my wardrobe ready.

I've got a 'how to style monochrome' blog post in mind with things I've learnt not to do and what works but until then I'll leave you with this monochrome outfit, complete with paper white face! I'm off to Barcelona next week and then on to Malaga and Morocco, so will hopefully come back looking less like a porcelain doll.

Oversized Boyfriend Jacket - Oh My Love
White Tee - H&M
Black Disco Pants - American Apparel
Studded Biker Boots - Matalan
Salt and Pepper Cardigan - H&M
Rose Gold Cross Necklace - Primark
Red Lipstick - Stiletto by Sleek

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Gold Details

Oh hello wind machine.

I'm not one for matching. I really hate earrings and necklace sets (FYI suitors, hah) but I discovered a certain amount of glee pulling this outfit together with numerous gold accents. I used to be such a silver girl but I really, really love gold hardware now.

I was on the hunt for an acid wash denim jacket, a nice oversized boyfriend one and I found this badboy in the men's section at Primark. My only issue with it at the moment is that it's quite stiff so I'm wondering about a home DIY to make it softer. Does that exist?

You may have spotted my new canvas backpack in an earlier post, I rescued it from Republic. I like how it looks quite a lot and when your bag is heavy it is quite nice not all being on one shoulder (despite the staged pose) however, I have found it's a right jeb when you're trying to find your purse etc at the till. Ah well, we all must make sacrifices for fashion. 

Acid Wash Denim Jacket - Primark (Men's)
Monochrome Skater Dress - Primark
Canvas Rucksack - Republic
Studded Boots - New Look
Suspender Tights - Pretty Polly
Skull Necklace - Topshop
Studded Belt - Forever 21
Gold Boyfriend Watch - ASOS
Beanie - H&M
Lipstick - Stiletto by Sleek

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Winter Colours

It feels wrong talking Winter colours in March. We should be welcoming some sunshine and maybe shedding a layer or seven... but no, it has gone back to being freezing, so I am dressing only as a sensible blogger would.

Luckily, the cold weather means I get to wear the hell out of my new(ish) boyfriend jacket from Oh My Love. It was only £15 in the sale reduced from about £60 and I love it, so a hell of a find. The fur collar is detachable and the material isn't too thick so I'll be able to continue wearing it for a while.

I'm a big fan of teal and burgundy so I like how they tie nicely together with the neutral colours I used for the rest of my outfit. Studs and brogues are still firm favourites too. I don't think they'll be going anywhere when the weather does pick up.

Boyfriend Jacket with Fur Collar - Oh My Love
Burgundy Cable Knit Cardigan - Primark
Teal Shorts - Miss Selfridge
White Lace Vest - Internacionale
Tan Brogues - H&M
Studded Bag - H&M
Beanie - H&M
Rose Gold Cross Necklace - Primark
Wayfarer Sunglasses - Primark

Monday, 11 March 2013

R.I.P. Republic & HMV

It's been a fair few weeks since the news of both HMV and Republic going into administration. Both shops I visit on a fairly regular basis, particularly HMV for perusing the films. It's a massive shame and I feel really sad for our dying high streets. HMV is the last of the classic music/film shops and I'll really miss having a bit of a browse on a Saturday afternoon. It's just not the same in the entertainment aisle of Tesco.

Of course, since the massive EVERYTHING MUST GO signs were hung in the windows, the vultures swooped down (me included I suppose.) In HMV I found my eyes drawn to these hot pink Wesc headphones. I was really torn about headphones. Wearing big headphones like Dre Beats quite often seem to have douchebag connotations and I'm genuinely not one of those 'yah, the sound quality blah blah blah' types. Basically it was all about how HOT PINK they were and at half price, I was pretty much like 'Eff it, I'm having them.'

So that was that.

I came up against much the same dilemma in Republic with this backpack. I like backpacks but did I need one? With £6 off I was sold.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Gloucester isn't a very exciting place to live. In fact, I would imagine if you asked anyone who lives here, they'd tell you it's a hole. Once a great city with a thriving dockyard, Gloucester was an important mark on the map. Now you can't move without bumping into a £1 shop or a child pushing her own child. 

It's so easy to completely forget or overlook what really is around you. Everyone is guilty of not seeing things that are on their own doorstep and for me, it took a huge craving for cream teas to rediscover a hidden gem in Gloucester.

Since our local Chef and Brewer cut off our cream tea supply we've been on the hunt for a tea room ever since. Cream teas are one of those things that need to be done right. They need the right setting, the quaint tea room, not a grubby table in Starbucks job. That's when I remembered Lily's.

As today's lunch break ticked closer, it was time to check out whether Lily's was as good as Google made out. I'd walked past it a few times and each time decided that I really should go inside whilst promptly forgetting a few moments later. The sun was shining with the promise of Spring today, so we felt the timing was perfect.

I opted for a straightforward cream tea while Bobbie ordered the Cathedral tea. What arrived is what I'd refer to as 'a good spread'. We noted the scones had a particularly good crumb (that Mary Berry would approve of) and enjoyed the friendly chatter from the waiter - yah, yah. In all seriousness, it was delicious and among our reminiscing of school days we decided we would definitely be bringing everyone we knew for a visit.

With very full tummies we wandered off back through the cathedral grounds, admiring the architecture  and how warm it was, then batting off some weirdos' greetings. We are in Gloucester after all.

I would definitely recommend Lily's if you're visiting Gloucester or you're a local who wants to do something a little different of a sunny afternoon. It's located opposite the Beatrix Potter museum in College Court, just a stones throw from the cathedral. You can find their website here.