Friday, 27 January 2012

Preppy Converse, Skinny Jeans and Chunky Knit

Just a little post. I've been reaching for the skinny jeans and chunky knit jumpers a LOT this Winter. It's so easy to just throw on and this outfit really is basic. I didn't add any accessories or have bold lipstick because I like the fact that it's simple and I kind of think it highlights the retro look of the Converse.

I have a couple of pairs of Converse but I tend to favour boots more for some reason. I think this is a good way to wear them if you're not really into trainers. I would absolutely wear Converse with dresses but I just don't have the legs for it!

Chunky Knit Tan Jumper - Primark
White Sheer Shirt - New Look
Black Skinnies - H&M
Brown Leather Satchel - Glastonbury
Purple Converse - Converse Allstars

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Leather Jacket, Military Boots & a Burgundy Snood

Hello! This outfit was mostly based around my favourite new cream jumper. Well it's less of a jumper more of a top or sweater but I love the tone of it (which you can't really appreciate with these pictures) and also it's unusual knit pattern. It'll go with loads of outfits and because it's a fine knit I'll be wearing it right through Spring. Score.
With the stupid wind and rain I sealed myself against the elements with the brown military boots (no wet toes), my fave burgundy snood and my brown leather jacket. I really like this leather jacket. I found it in Plymouth Primark years ago when I was at Uni and it was only £25, for real leather!! But I'm a coat kind of girl when it comes to Winter, which I think is because I walk to work, so leather jackets don't normally cut it for me but then it gets to Spring and it's not cold enough to wear one! Just one of my life dilemmas that the internet needed to hear.

Cream Jumper - Christmas present (Internacionale)
Black Skinny Jeans - H&M
Burgundy Snood - H&M
Brown Military Boots - Florence & Fred at Tesco
Brown Leather Jacket - Primark
Lipstick - Inrared by Topshop (it's much brighter in the flesh)

Monday, 23 January 2012

Parka, Knee Highs & a Pussybow Blouse

Greetings! If this is the first time you have happened across my blog, feel free to take a look around!
Some days I get up and there are various things I want to wear, so sometimes I'll just wear them all. Usually it's after a big shopping binge or, in this case, a present receiving time i.e. Christmas.
The pussybow blouse and teal shorts would probably have looked more at home with some brogues or something but I got the knee high socks in my stocking and wanted to wear them. So instead of following conventional style rules, I bust out these pirate-esque boots and threw it all together.
What would break all conventionality a little further, I hear you ask. Well a parka and a beanie is what.
My reasoning is that you don't see what is under the parka when it's done up and a beanie goes with a parka like cream with strawberries.
I've been wearing my parka pretty much constantly since I got it half price on boxing day. It's a real winner of a coat because it's not so heavy that I get my sweat on when sporting a chunky knit, it's got a frickin' massive hood for those unexpected showers and it has nice big pockets for my chunkalicious iPod (3rd generation) to nestle in. However, be careful of wearing a navajo knit under a parka because you will look like you are off to save the trees, if you know what I'm saying. This was a mistake I made and the zip on that coat was done to the top I tell you!

Pussybow Blouse - Christmas present (Peacocks)
Teal High Waist Shorts - New Look
Cream Knee High Socks - Christmas present (Primark)
Pirate Boots - New Look
Parka Coat - River Island
Beanie - H&M

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Skulls, Vintage Print & Hippy Plaits

Good day!

I'm not massively into vintage fashion myself, don't get me wrong, I do like it, as does James. He always says he wishes it was still fashionable to wear braces, trilbys and brogues, as in, all at the same time 40's style, which would be awesome! Anyway, like I was saying, I like it but I don't really wear a lot of Mad Men looks but I do like to mix in a bit of vintage with current trends.
This is what this outfit is about. The shirt came from a charity shop and has a real vintage feel paisley print. Skinny jeans are the modern part of this look, along with the skull necklace and then the brogues and red lips take it back to looking vintage.
I wouldn't class myself as 'good at hair' but I saw this style in Look magazine and wanted to give it a bash. It's quite a hippy look really and with my parka on too I was set for a human rights rally circa 1976.
One of my colleagues said he thought it looked like it had taken ages but actually it's a five minute job and really easy.

Vintage Paisley Shirt - Thrifted
Skull Necklace - Topshop
Black Skinnies - H&M
Tan Brogues - H&M
Lipstick - Stiletto by Sleek

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Equestrian Style

First things first, apologies for the shite picture quality, it's completely dark outside when I take them so until about April this is going to have to do! I didn't want the seasons to dictate when I take pictures, so in your face Winter!
This look is feeling quite equestrian because of the chelsea boots, jodphur leggings and preppy collar over jumper scenario. I told you you'd be seeing some of my latest buys and here they are in all their glory. I've recently come to the realisation that I have in excess of fourteen pairs of black or brown boots, is anybody else in this boot boat with me?
When I look at this outfit I realise what an absolute bargain hunter I am and here's why:

White sheer asymmetric shirt - New Look sale
Pale khaki oversized jumper - Forever 21
Navy jodphur leggings - H&M (£5 off voucher)
Tan chelsea boots - Peacocks (£26 I believe)
Rose gold Michael Kors style watch - Christmas present (Argos)
Ram necklace - Accessorize sale
H by Henry Holland tan satchel - Debenhams sale
Lipstick - Cherry by Sleek

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Christmas Gifts & January Sales Bargains

My favourites

 January sales bargains!
 So this blog is fashionably late as always (story of my life). Just a couple of pictures of what I was lucky enough to receive for Christmas. I was very excited about getting my new mini Diana Lomography camera and I absolutely love my Michael Kors style rose gold watch. I also got my first MAC lipstick in Vegas Volt. I like the colour and it smells nice but I have to say, I don't think it's any better than my bargainous Sleek lipsticks or Topshop for that matter. The Topshop Infrared lipstick is one of my new faves too. If you're looking for an orangey red lipstick, it's a winner.

I was particularly happy with my January sales finds, although does it count if you buy them boxing day? The parka coat was half price from River Island. Skull necklace was half price from Topshop. Water for Elephants (brilliant film) I've been meaning to buy for ages, so was very pleased to see it on sale. The riding style leggings I've also been after for a while and I had a £5 voucher for H&M so another £10 well spent. THEN. I had been eyeing up the Henry Holland satchel for yonks and at £30 the bargain hunter in me was just not prepared to part with that kind of dollar. In a last ditch hope that it might be on sale, I swung by Debenhams to find it had £9 marked off. When I got to the till it turned out to actually be half price. Don't you just love it when that happens?!

Stand by for outfit posts heavily featuring the above clothes.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Looking Back at 2011

This was in Thailand back in February. I don't think I've ever seen a more beautiful beach. Thank you Mum for taking us!
Again, this was in Thailand when we rode on elephants. I fell in love there and then! Planning an elephant tattoo for some time in 2012.
This was our flatmate, Matt's 23rd birthday. The 10 second camera setting and mantlepiece comes in handy a lot for us.
The prawn pesto ciabatta and strawberries and cream was what I ate the day of the royal wedding. We went to Manchester to visit friends and headed out for a street party.
After saving up I was very proud to get back on the road again!
This was a night when I definitely had one too many.
My first Glastonbury. With the mud and rain there were certainly ups and downs. Here we are sitting on a pile of woodchip munching stonebaked pizza whilst doing shots of Tesco value Rosé (in a carton no less) in time to watch Example on the John Peel stage. It was EPIC.
The above picture is one of my favourites from Glasto.
Tinie Tempah was SO GOOD, check out the crowd if you don't believe me.
Overall thoughts on Glastonbury <see above picture>
This is me turning 23. Surprise picnic in the park and some inappropriate behaviour.
Yes, I know how to drive ships (drive??)
My lovely Mum, who now lives in Turkey, knows a boat person or two so we were lucky enough to go on a private voyage with our friends for my birthday. We had a little party with a steak dinner, slept on deck and got scared of sharks whilst snorkelling around the different bays.
You know when you remember food because it was beyond awesome? This is that, in Woolacombe for a friends birthday.
Felt very proud of my friends for the HEROIC effort made for Halloween this year.
My fantastic work bunch at our Christmas party. Best.Night.Ever
I took James to London for his birthday (which is a week before Christmas) and we pretty much just ate and drank our way round.
We did fit some shopping in too and we went ice skating at the Tower of London with our friends.
Still in London. This was the best burger I have ever tasted in my life. Ever. In my life. Stilton, dijon mustard, olive oil and rocket. TRY IT!
Onesie upon a time. My favourite-est colleague is off travelling the world, so this is how we sent her off.
Christmas eve.
New years eve. After watching the fireworks in London on't tele we headed upstairs to hang out of the skylights to see what explosive action Gloucester had to offer. We spent a good half hour shouting at the fireworks things like 'COME ON GB!!!' and at anyone that happened to be passing by too.
 This is a little bit of a different blog post and also a little bit MASSIVE. I wanted to take you through how 2011 was for me and, honestly, looking back at my pictures it was actually a pretty epic year!
Apologies for the lack of posts, it's been a stupidly long time but I will continue to blame it on the fact that the UK has roughly 2 hours of natural light a day. Also I've been super busy with Christmas and all that.
I hope you've enjoyed looking at my life in 2011, it was grand, here's hoping for an even better 2012!
Happy New Year!