Thursday, 6 December 2012

Before it Got Really Cold

Rightfully these should have been uploaded at the same time the leaves looked like this.
This was before the icy cold weather set in, back when wearing a coat wouldn't mean saving your life.
I love a sweater. Boys have the best sweaters. When all you want is something big and lounge-able, a sweater is the answer. This one is from the Primark men's section a while back. It's still one of my faves.

Sweater - Primark Men's
Shorts - New Look
Beanie - New Look
Studded Bag - H&M

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

His & Hers Blue Trousers

With the weather being so much colder now, I find myself automatically reaching for jeans and a cosy jumper. It's the easiest option when the mornings are dark and I hate being cold, so in general jumpers always get a thumbs up from me.

Somehow we both ended up in blue trousers, although inadvertently. I love this shade for jeans and James' blue chinos are a nice change from jeans and a bigger surprise than burgundy or cream.

I styled up an otherwise plain outfit with the sequin collar shirt (well, Christmas is on it's way) and rolled up the cuffs on my jeans to show off the full beauty of the studded boots.

Jumpers are my go-to in the cold months, what's yours?

Burgundy Jumper - New Look
Sequinned Collar Shirt - New Look
Blue Jeans - New Look
Black Studded Ankle Boots - New Look

Grey Jacket - H&M
Gingham Shirt - H&M
Blue Chinos - H&M
Brown Boots - Clarks

Thursday, 25 October 2012

90s Grunge

When the 90s grunge trend reared it's head at the end of the summer, for some reason I found myself really attracted to it. Perhaps it's the nostalgia of growing up in the 90s or, more than likely, I liked the laidback kind of thrown togetherness of it.

Like all fashion, my personal take on 90s grunge has evolved from Nirvana t-shirts and ripped jeans but I think the basic idea is still the same.

These three looks I styled without really trying to adhere to the grunge rules but they all came out with that sort of look. The camo jacket, acid wash shorts, studs, denim and retro Nike trainers are all throwbacks to the 90s, I just chose not to incorporate the terrible hair.

First Outfit
Camo Jacket - Pull & Bear
Grey Hoody - Primark Men's
Pinstripe Denim Shorts - New Look
Washed out Sweater - H&M
Nike Hi-tops

Second Outfit
Stonewash Denim Shirt - Primark
Flower Top - H&M
Cut off Denim Shorts - Primark DIY
Nike Hi-tops

Third Outfit
Purple Hoody - Primark Men's
Frankie Says Relax Vest - Ebay
Acid Wash Shorts - Primark
Studded Bag - H&M
Converse Lookalikes - New Look

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


 The cold weather has well and truly set in since my last outfit post so out come the winter coats and boots.

My parka coat is a necessity in the winter. I found it on sale in River Island after Christmas last year. It's really roomy which is perfect if you've got lots of layers on and I find myself throwing it on over most outfits.

Of course, this coat isn't gonna cut it when I want to look presentable but for the times when I want to look like a stylish hobo and for the times when I cannot be arsed to rifle through the coat cupboard, it's a saviour.

This look was going for a Nordic, Scandinavian vibe. I like the fairisle knit with the chambray denim dress and the boots keep it feeling quite 'countryside'.

Khaki Parka - River Island
Fairisle Cardigan - Primark
Denim Chambray Dress - Primark
Tan Chelsea Boots - Peacocks
Cream Beanie - H&M

Thursday, 11 October 2012

The Look Show

Twitter is amazing. Only a week ago I entered a competition stating my favourite AW12 trends to win tickets to the Look show and I won! Have a read of my day.

Getting to London meant a very early bus ride to meet my little sister, Amy. Luckily, after a misty start, the weather was beautiful.

I located Amy somewhere near Shoreditch and after a huge amount of faffing on Amy's part our planned morning trip to Spitalfields was cut short. Fortunately I had time to grab some quick breakfast/lunch.

The show was held at the Royal Courts of Justice. What a building!

This is what I wore.

Dress - Primark | Camo Jacket - Pull & Bear
 Bonjour Belt - ASOS | Studded Bag - H&M
 Studded Buckle Boots - New Look

Inside the event there was lots of waiters dressed in black scurrying between a mass of people, Smashbox cosmetics tables giving people make overs, a number of photo booths and plenty of champagne which led to around 20 of these photo booth prints. We got a little carried away.

The runway was held in this pretty magnificent hallway. Good job Royal Courts of Justice architects.

My camera spent most of the time proving it's useless in movement situations but here are a few shots that almost work.

The show ended with, quite literally, a bang and red foil rained down upon us.

After guzzling a few more glasses of champagne and a rogue mojito we decided it was high time for some Oxford Street shopping.

Needless to say I lugged home a very full brown paper bag plus a couple of new Topshop lipsticks.

After a long day of being fashionable and trawling Primark's rails we headed off to Soho for a gourmet burger of epic proportions. I had The Frenchie.

I waved goodbye to my sister on the Tottenham Court Road tube platform at around 10.45 and headed off to Victoria. After a very sleepy coach ride I arrived back in the Shire at 3am and promptly fell asleep.

In the morning I took a peek at my goody bag swag. Not a bad haul! 
The Look Show was a lovely day out and to all the people who organised it, you did a fantastic job. Thank you New Look for the tickets!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


When I say the words 'androgynous style' it conjures up the images of smart tailoring, blazers, cigarette trousers, heels and a bold lip. I'm a fan of women doing androgynous but what's to say it should stop at the classic image of a man?

Men nowadays don't often dress like they did in the Rat Pack days. It's a huge shame because it's one of my favourite men's fashion trends. So anyway, I thought I'd do a modern take on androgynous style. 

The wayfarer sunglasses, aztec sweater and plimsoles I'm wearing were all found in Primark's men's department. The men's section is a gold mine for loose, oversized clothes. Well, I say men's section, all you need is your boyfriend's wardrobe.

This outfit works on a man or a woman which really shows the versatility clothes can have.

Aztec Jumper - Primark
Wayfarer Sunglasses - Primark
Black Skinny Jeans (Hannah) - H&M
Black Jeans (James) - H&M
Plimsoles - Both Primark
Gold Chain Necklace - Forever 21
Mulberry Alexa Bag

Monday, 20 August 2012

A Proper Summer's Day

A few weekends ago something strange happened. The sun put his hat on and he seriously came out to play. I'm sure it was one of the warmest days we've had this year and it came in perfect time for the Gloucester Food Festival.

The lure of food is enough to make me leave the house whatever the weather but this day had it all going on. The minute I spotted The Wandering Teapot tea room with its higgeldy-piggeldy tables, mis-matched vintage china, colourful posies and cream teas, I knew I'd found what I was looking for.

Lovely ladies dressed up in war-time chic delivered ready sandwiched scones squashing out cream and jam along with pots of tea and a smile.

Once I'd licked the plate clean we had a bit of a wander around the various food stalls, bought some huge hunks of fudge and soaked up the sunshine. It didn't take long for James to announce that it was time for jerk chicken.

 So that's what happened. I think he liked it, don't you?

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Thrifted Blazer

 I thrifted this blazer. I know right?! Six pounds well spent the day I found that baby. It's an instant outfit smartener and the neutral colour makes it easy to wear with most things.

I struggle when it comes to smart looks. I just don't like looking smart, it's no fun. That's where the accessories sneak in. Anything turquoise lifts an outfit and the belt just went so well with my bib necklace.

A bright lip always worms its way in when I'm attempting anything remotely neutral. I can't help it guys, it's all in the detail.

Oversized Blazer - Thrifted
Black Shirt Dress - H&M
Navy Boat Shoes - ASOS
Metallic Green Bag - H&M
Bib Necklace - New Look
Turquoise Belt - Primark
Wayfarer Sunglasses - Primark Men's
Lipstick - Papaya Punch by Sleek