Monday, 22 August 2011

Grunge Meets Tailored

I think British style is much more free than American style. Now that is, obviously, a massive generalisation and there are for definite, eclectic dressers across the pond.

This is one of my more 'mixed up' looks. I opened my drawers (no jokes please) that morning and decided I wanted to wear Johnny Depp's face. As you may know, I'm a fan of a high waist so out came the denim shorts. I felt this probably needed to stay quite neutral so as to focus on the beauty that is Mr Depp, so I chose trusty black tights, a black blazer and military boots. 

The blazer and boots are a classic juxtaposition of messy and tailored and I think, very British.
The patent red bag finishes off the jumble of different styles and textures.

Black Blazer - Internacionalé
Johnny Depp 'Cry Baby' tee - Ebay
Denim High-waisted Shorts - New Look
Red Patent Bag - Primark
Brown Military Boots - New Look
Rings - Thai Market

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Simple Lace Chic

Some days you really don't want to have to put a load of thought into what you're wearing and this is one of those days! I bought this dress from Primark at the weekend and I think it certainly looks more expensive than the fifteen pounds I paid for it.

I don't really have any lace and I really liked the pattern of this because it isn't your usual floral pattern lace. The colour is obviously really versatile and the sheer sleeves give it that extra bit of detail. This dress could easily be dressed up for the evening by losing the leggings and adding some massive heels!

Cream Lace Dress - Primark
Gold Pendant Necklace - Topshop
Blue Wayfarer Sunglasses - Primark
Dark Navy Suede Mocassins - New Look
Leather Satchel - Carpe Diem

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Smart, edgy and girly all at once? Yeah, go on then.

I'm loving high waisted anything at the moment. It's a really classic style and suits everyone.
This look has a basis of being smart but I like to add a bit of edge which is where my chain necklace comes in handy (wow that sounds gangsta).

Burgundy Shirt (actually a tunic) - Internacionale
Pleated Skirt - Primark
Chain Necklace - Primark

I've recently discovered backcombing although still struggle with doing it to anything but the ends of my hair, which, as you can see, makes for a very bouffant bun! I like to add hair accessories like this to give it something else. Va va voom? You decide!

Flowers - Primark

This beat up looking leather satchel is a new purchase. Unfortunately I can't claim a beautiful tale of how I was clearing out an elderly family members attic and came across this gem that once held their school books. No, I found this baby on a stall at Glastonbury. The lady has a shop called Carpe Diem on Chalk Farm Road in Camden. This satchel goes with anything and it is totally vintage and awesome.

Layering jewellery is something I love. I don't do matching, so anything mismatched gets the thumbs up. I think it can give your look an ethnic feel but at the same time if I wore this with a biker jacket and jeans it would still work.

Turquoise Ring - Thai market
Black Ring - H&M
Bracelets - H&M and Primark

Friday, 5 August 2011

Jewel Tone Colour Blocking

Nails - Barry M Peach Melba and Barry M Blue Moon

Purple Top - Salvation Army

Teal Shorts - New Look

Satchel - Primark

So, this is my first blog post! Bear with me on the layout etc I will be working on it so that it's a piece of art in no time!

This is my first foray into colour blocking, mainly because very few of my clothes are plain. I've always loved purples and greens together. To stop it from looking too regal I wore brown beaten up ankle boots.