Friday, 16 March 2012

Denim Shirt Dress

Hello there! It's odd, when I put on certain outfits I think 'Yeah, this is good' and then when I see the pictures I'll find something that I didn't see before. With this outfit I kind of think I'm a name badge short of looking like a nurse. Still, I like this as a casual look and I'm looking forward to wearing this denim dress in the Summer.
I'm really trying to work on my facial expressions but it seems smirky-squinty girl was out to play today.
I'm interested, how would you style this denim dress? I wore a cropped jumper over it to work but I suppose I could put something long sleeved underneath too. Let me know your thoughts.

Blue Chambray Denim Shirt Dress - Primark
Oatmeal Cable Knit Cardigan - New Look
Leather Satchel - Glastonbury
Black Military Boots - Primark
Bracelets - Primark
Rose Gold Watch - Christmas Present
Lipstick - Infrared by Topshop

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Spring Pastels vs Leather & Buckles

Today has been well and truly Spring-like, in fact we noted, in an aghast fashion, that it was 21 degrees in the car and it really felt it. I decided to head out to the lovely gardens we have behind our house to take some outfit pictures. It's a really great place for snapping away because there are so many different backgrounds to choose from. I opted for this little grotto because it meant I could hide inside and not be gawked at by dog walkers.
I am absolutely loving mint for Spring and I spotted this sheer peter pan collar blouse in a YouTube video and had to get it. On the same weekend I found this faux leather high waist skirt which is something I've been looking for, so snapped it up too. If you want to see my HAUL video from that weekend, click here.

Mint Peter Pan Collar Blouse - Zara
Faux Leather Skirt - H&M
Heeled Walking Boots - Peacocks
Mulberry Alexa
Lipstick - Glamour by Poppy King at No7

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Smart, Office, Interview Style

This is one of my, quite rare, smart looks. It would be right at home in an office or interview situation but you could easily make it a little edgier by adding some boots, maybe Doc Martens. I found this camel blazer in a charity shop, would you believe. I think it was about £6.

Blazer - Thrifted
Cream Oversized Shirt - New Look
Riding Pants - H&M
Nude Ballet Loafers - Primark
Grey Bag - Internacionale
Teardrop Pendant Necklace - Topshop

I'm a big fan of men's fashion, so I have talked James round to posing like a good boy. He's really gotten into clothes since being with me, which is fun for me because I can help him choose clothes when we're out shopping. This is definitely one of his smarter more dapper looks but one that could be easily worn out anywhere really. Ryan Gosling is a major style influence for James and why not? Ryan Gosling is hot and his dress sense is badass!

Blue Gingham Shirt - H&M
Beige Jeans/Chinos - H&M
Smart Brown Shoes - Clarks