Monday, 23 January 2012

Parka, Knee Highs & a Pussybow Blouse

Greetings! If this is the first time you have happened across my blog, feel free to take a look around!
Some days I get up and there are various things I want to wear, so sometimes I'll just wear them all. Usually it's after a big shopping binge or, in this case, a present receiving time i.e. Christmas.
The pussybow blouse and teal shorts would probably have looked more at home with some brogues or something but I got the knee high socks in my stocking and wanted to wear them. So instead of following conventional style rules, I bust out these pirate-esque boots and threw it all together.
What would break all conventionality a little further, I hear you ask. Well a parka and a beanie is what.
My reasoning is that you don't see what is under the parka when it's done up and a beanie goes with a parka like cream with strawberries.
I've been wearing my parka pretty much constantly since I got it half price on boxing day. It's a real winner of a coat because it's not so heavy that I get my sweat on when sporting a chunky knit, it's got a frickin' massive hood for those unexpected showers and it has nice big pockets for my chunkalicious iPod (3rd generation) to nestle in. However, be careful of wearing a navajo knit under a parka because you will look like you are off to save the trees, if you know what I'm saying. This was a mistake I made and the zip on that coat was done to the top I tell you!

Pussybow Blouse - Christmas present (Peacocks)
Teal High Waist Shorts - New Look
Cream Knee High Socks - Christmas present (Primark)
Pirate Boots - New Look
Parka Coat - River Island
Beanie - H&M

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