Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Leather Jacket, Military Boots & a Burgundy Snood

Hello! This outfit was mostly based around my favourite new cream jumper. Well it's less of a jumper more of a top or sweater but I love the tone of it (which you can't really appreciate with these pictures) and also it's unusual knit pattern. It'll go with loads of outfits and because it's a fine knit I'll be wearing it right through Spring. Score.
With the stupid wind and rain I sealed myself against the elements with the brown military boots (no wet toes), my fave burgundy snood and my brown leather jacket. I really like this leather jacket. I found it in Plymouth Primark years ago when I was at Uni and it was only £25, for real leather!! But I'm a coat kind of girl when it comes to Winter, which I think is because I walk to work, so leather jackets don't normally cut it for me but then it gets to Spring and it's not cold enough to wear one! Just one of my life dilemmas that the internet needed to hear.

Cream Jumper - Christmas present (Internacionale)
Black Skinny Jeans - H&M
Burgundy Snood - H&M
Brown Military Boots - Florence & Fred at Tesco
Brown Leather Jacket - Primark
Lipstick - Inrared by Topshop (it's much brighter in the flesh)

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