Friday, 12 July 2013

English Garden Summer Dress

There's nothing better than a really great new dress. Actually there is, when that dress has had £30 knocked off the price.

I spied this rose caressed beauty on Oasis a while back but I have a serious problem with spending any more than £25 on a dress so I sighed, closed the window and probably headed off to Primark. A sale however, will catch my eye and when it's the last one in my size and almost half price it's pretty much destiny.

Nobody can deny that Oasis dresses feel quality and this one is made from very thick material and fits really well. The print reminds me of an English garden on a summer's day, which is only like, my favourite thing. I also pictured myself skipping through New York, Carrie Bradshaw style, while wearing it - did I mention I'm going in August?


Rose Print Dress - Oasis
Studded Sandals - Primark
Mulberry Alexa Bag


  1. I wanted that dress have been looking at it all summer!!!!!!!!!!! Looks lovely on you beautiful young lady. Love you xxxxx