Tuesday, 10 April 2012

What Happened In March

Spring and 'that time when I was nearly eaten by a donkey'.  
Amazing sunset over Gloucester with the Cathedral to the left.  
Sticky toffee pudding at Whetherspoons. Friday lunch at Rene. Gloucester vs Exeter game. The start of the incredible weather.

One of Big Daddy's flock.
First beer garden cider of 2012 (note darkness - the clocks hadn't quite changed). Massive cookie for the winners of our work treasure hunt team building day.
We filled our living room with 600 balloons for our housemate's birthday.
Gourmet burger shaped sustenance for the day after balloon-gate. The sadness that is 600 balloons murdered.

 So now that I've upgraded from my fakeberry to a HTC I have been papping away which means, life pictures! I know, I can basically hear you rejoicing. 

This was what I got up to in March, a highlight was definitely the balloon pit. It took us pretty much all day to blow them up with a couple of hour breaks to save us from passing out. Some of our friends turned up to do hour shifts throughout the day, which was nice! 

If you're inspired to do the same you can find the balloons on ebay, we spent £30 and it filled our living room/kitchen pretty well and it's a big room. Top tip, don't over-inflate the balloons unless you like incredibly loud noises. My housemate was stood outside, one of the balloons burst, I screamed and a passer-by jumped with a look of 'did someone just get shot?!' on his face. Lolz.

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