Tuesday, 10 July 2012


 My favourite thing about this look, surprisingly, is the white tee. Everyone needs one in their wardrobe and somehow I have got through life, until only very recently, without one.

The polka dot midi skirt I found some time ago in a charity shop, I'm um-ing and ah-ing about whether it needs taking up a little. What do you think? Too long?

I often find with my style that I dress very young and while 23 isn't old, I think there's no harm in getting a bit ladylike now and then. That said, my need for chunky hi tops isn't going anywhere. I didn't want to look too mumsy so I balanced it all out a little with clashing leopard print ballet pumps.

Plain White Tee - H&M
Polka Dot Midi Skirt - Thrifted
Leopard Print Ballet Flats - Peacocks
Blue Cardigan - Mum's Wardrobe
Belt - Primark
Metallic Bag - H&M
Watch - Turkey
Bike Necklace - Accessorize


  1. Stunning outfit I adore your skirt and I loved how you matched it with a plain white tee!

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