Sunday, 22 July 2012

Festival Fashion: Budget vs. Blowout

 My total outfit cost: About £60 vs. Amy's total outfit cost: About £280

 Festival season is truly upon us and finally the weather has followed suit. This is my little sister, Amy. Unlike her wise, older sister, Amy is partial to a pricy item or two and really doesn't bargain hunt quite like me. So we thought it would be a good idea to do some blog posts featuring similar looks, one that's cheap and the other more expensive.

Annoyingly, I didn't put a lot of thought into my festival outfit and far prefer Amy's outfit, thus defying my point a little bit. However, you can still see the basic similarities and idea that you can get the same look for less.

Hunter Wellies - £70 Jack Wills Socks - £12.50
Jack Wills Jacket - £100 Jack Wills Tartan Shirt - £60 Tommy Hilfiger Vintage Denim Shorts - £10
Primark Shirt - £10? Internacionale Shorts - £15?  Shoe Zone Wellies - £10 Primark Sunglasses - £2

Diana Mini Lomo Camera
Fake Ray-Bans (Real ones would be about £120) Topshop Head Band - £10

Amy showing up my hair. (Seriously, how are we related?)  

Miss Minty Nail Varnish by GOSH

Obligatory festival arm candy.

Followed by some pratting around...

Then we found this little guy!

It was such a nice day we stayed in the park until the shade arrived.


  1. My 2 darling daughters together - wonderful! Lovely girls and you look so young and beautiful, happy and fun!

    Amy's hair looks like something from the 70's there is SO much of it - Hannah you obviously inherit from your dad's side - sorry.

    Who took the 'photos - should they not be credited somewhere?

    Anyway - you both look terrific - love your choices - love you xxxxx

  2. your both really pretty, i love this!