Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Boat Shoes

Hello Summer! Today has been very much Summer in every way possible. Not only did I have a twister ice lolly but our boss decided we all deserved calippo's and cornetto's too. So two ice lollies, Will Smith on the sound system and a stop at the bereau de change later, I was feeling very happy. Not to mention that it was 26 degrees!

I have a confession though. This outfit wasn't what I was wearing today. Yes, it's true, sometimes I take the pictures and take a little while to upload them and I'm sorry for that. You may also have shrewdly noticed that I have slightly longer hair and am somewhat pastier than the previous post. Confession number two, sometimes I don't upload in order either. In the time between, I've had my hair cut and dyed and have also cracked open the fake tan in preperation for my holiday! I'm off to Turkey to see my Mum on Friday #woopah!

Anyway, this outfit is very Spring-like, it's not quite Summer but then neither was the temperature when I wore it at the weekend. I love my new boat shoes from Asos, you can find them here. If they did a pair in brown/brown and white I'd be all over them. They're the kind of shoes that are instantly comfy although they did rub a little on the heel without tights. They are a bargain though and I'd been after a pair of boat shoes for ages.

Floral Print Tee - Thai Market
Navy Blue Chinos - Primark
Navy Boat Shoes - ASOS
Light Wash Denim Shirt - Primark
Mirrored Aviators - Primark
Mulberry Alexa Bag
Lips - Infrared by Topshop

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  1. Your hair looks great, I love the Mulberry Alexa, such a gorgeous bag x