Thursday, 23 February 2012

Sporty Chic

Usually, when I put an outfit together I don't really have a style in mind and this one ended up looking quite sporty. It starts with choosing one piece, in this case the pepper knit jumper, adding something appropriate to the bottom half, doing my hair and make up and then choosing shoes that will work with the look.
With day old hair I like putting it up in a messy, back combed bun, it's quick and easy and handy if you have falafel at lunch because you don't have hair blowing in it (I am referring to an actual event, we have a falafel man come to town for the Friday market and his falafels are darn tasty. Stop saying falafel.)

Black and White 'Pepper' Knit Jumper - New Look
Black Skinny Jeans - H&M
Green Converse
Purple Lipstick - Mystic by Sleek


  1. Ugh I love falafel dude!! And his yummy falafels... I love the word falafel x

  2. Love this look, nothings better than a pair of trainers and skinnys with an oversized jumper. Sometimes simple really is more!