Thursday, 10 November 2011

Classic Camel Trench Coat

First off, apologies for the rubbish lighting, I think I explained my photography woes in my last post... Anyway, the weather is getting steadily colder in the UK so I've been busting out my new camel trench coat. This coat is still available in H&M and it was a steal at £29.99, complete bargain, I know.
I notice during the colder months I definitely gravitate towards darker colours but the coat and burgundy snood stop it from being too dark and boring.
I'm in love with my new chelsea boots which I found in Peacocks for £26 ( I have them in brown too) the black ones really do go with everyhing.
My leggings are new too and they're a black shine material and very similar to American Apparel's disco pants.

Camel Mac Trench Coat - H&M
Khaki Shirt - Charity
Black Shorts - Internacionale
Leggings - Internacionale
Black Chelsea Boots - Peacocks
Snood - H&M
Gold Pendant Necklace - Topshop
Purply Pink Lipstick - Mystic by Sleek


  1. Hannah Spanner you have been awarded the Liebster Blog Award ... by me! CONGRATS! xx

  2. These boots are lovelyyyy.