Monday, 6 January 2014

Leather Joggers

I got these leather joggers for Christmas and I love them. They make me feel how I imagine Kanye West feels most days.

I jest but they are pretty sick. The only problem I've got with them is that they're a little short and in particularly warm rooms one can get quite the sweat on. This isn't natural leather after all but I love how they look. I even have big plans for leather trouser based going out outfits, so be prepared.

The boots were a Christmas present too (to myself). I was after a pair of monochrome contrast boots in forever. The Missguided ones I was coveting sold out so when these appeared in River Island I snapped them up.

I am seriously loving leather in all forms at the moment. I got these, a pair of boots, a leather pinafore and leather shorts for Christmas, so I guess that means I hate cows.

Just joshing, it's all faux.

What were your best Christmas presents?

Grey Boyfriend Coat - New Look
Green Jumper - New Look
Bow Button Shirt - New Look
Leather Joggers - Topshop
Chelsea Boots - River Island
Bag - ASOS
Lipstick - Firecracker by Topshop


  1. As soon as I spotted the first picture I thought of the leather joggers inventor, Kanye West. Hahaha! Love how you styled them, they look so cool. <3

    Tara xo

  2. Love this outfit!!!! The shoes are so cool!


  3. this look is just insanely gorgeous! I need to get me some leather joggers asap!

  4. Hahahaha your Kanye West comment. Tres amusing! Love the leather joggers! Leather shorts are literally a wardrobe essential as well, great for nights out! Love your blog girl, new followaaaaaaa x
    Chloe @ The Little Plum UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

  5. perfect outfit!!!!! charming!!