Monday, 11 March 2013

R.I.P. Republic & HMV

It's been a fair few weeks since the news of both HMV and Republic going into administration. Both shops I visit on a fairly regular basis, particularly HMV for perusing the films. It's a massive shame and I feel really sad for our dying high streets. HMV is the last of the classic music/film shops and I'll really miss having a bit of a browse on a Saturday afternoon. It's just not the same in the entertainment aisle of Tesco.

Of course, since the massive EVERYTHING MUST GO signs were hung in the windows, the vultures swooped down (me included I suppose.) In HMV I found my eyes drawn to these hot pink Wesc headphones. I was really torn about headphones. Wearing big headphones like Dre Beats quite often seem to have douchebag connotations and I'm genuinely not one of those 'yah, the sound quality blah blah blah' types. Basically it was all about how HOT PINK they were and at half price, I was pretty much like 'Eff it, I'm having them.'

So that was that.

I came up against much the same dilemma in Republic with this backpack. I like backpacks but did I need one? With £6 off I was sold.

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  1. My daughter - ever the bargain hunter. If you had not bought them someone else would have. Love you xxxxx