Thursday, 11 October 2012

The Look Show

Twitter is amazing. Only a week ago I entered a competition stating my favourite AW12 trends to win tickets to the Look show and I won! Have a read of my day.

Getting to London meant a very early bus ride to meet my little sister, Amy. Luckily, after a misty start, the weather was beautiful.

I located Amy somewhere near Shoreditch and after a huge amount of faffing on Amy's part our planned morning trip to Spitalfields was cut short. Fortunately I had time to grab some quick breakfast/lunch.

The show was held at the Royal Courts of Justice. What a building!

This is what I wore.

Dress - Primark | Camo Jacket - Pull & Bear
 Bonjour Belt - ASOS | Studded Bag - H&M
 Studded Buckle Boots - New Look

Inside the event there was lots of waiters dressed in black scurrying between a mass of people, Smashbox cosmetics tables giving people make overs, a number of photo booths and plenty of champagne which led to around 20 of these photo booth prints. We got a little carried away.

The runway was held in this pretty magnificent hallway. Good job Royal Courts of Justice architects.

My camera spent most of the time proving it's useless in movement situations but here are a few shots that almost work.

The show ended with, quite literally, a bang and red foil rained down upon us.

After guzzling a few more glasses of champagne and a rogue mojito we decided it was high time for some Oxford Street shopping.

Needless to say I lugged home a very full brown paper bag plus a couple of new Topshop lipsticks.

After a long day of being fashionable and trawling Primark's rails we headed off to Soho for a gourmet burger of epic proportions. I had The Frenchie.

I waved goodbye to my sister on the Tottenham Court Road tube platform at around 10.45 and headed off to Victoria. After a very sleepy coach ride I arrived back in the Shire at 3am and promptly fell asleep.

In the morning I took a peek at my goody bag swag. Not a bad haul! 
The Look Show was a lovely day out and to all the people who organised it, you did a fantastic job. Thank you New Look for the tickets!


  1. Darling - this is really good - almost felt as though I was there with you. The pictures are great, the food you consumed epic and you both looked fab. I really like the main picture of you both in the 'photo booth. Love you honey xxxxx

  2. This was banging!