Friday, 10 August 2012


 A few Sundays ago, after heading out for a sunny blog photo sesh, James and I wandered into town for a bit of a mooch and passed a place we pass literally daily. On a number of times we've paused outside, looking at the menu and declared 'We really should try this place.' So this time we decided to do it. What can I say? We were hungry and it was time! This was when we met Sebz.

We chose the tapas menu which is all you can eat and on a Sunday is only £13.95 each. Initially you order at least six dishes and then as and when you want more you order more. My favourite kind of dining.

Cogumelos com queijo stilton - Open mushrooms with spinach & stilton
Filo prawns in sweet chilli sauce
 The flat mushrooms with stilton, filo prawns and salmon bruschetta were my favourite of the first six dishes. Really well flavoured, simple but lovely food.

Brochetta com salmao fumado - Brochetta with smoked salmon & mozzarella
Almondegas em mollho de tomate e basil - Meatballs in tomato & basil sauce
Paella Valenciana com frango e marisco -Seafood rice, chicken, chorizo, salami
Tomate com feta, azeite & ervas mistas - Fresh tomato with feta, extra virgin olive oil & herbs

I had to limber up for round two, six dishes for two people was quite enough for lunch but we were here for a reason and that is to try it all.

Batatas bravas com tomato picante - Fried potatoes with a spicy tomato
Barriga de Porco com molho laranja & mustard - Belly pork with orange & mustard sauce
The second six dishes were much more up James' street, taste wise. The belly pork and ribs were really tender but not really what I normally go for.

Queijo frito em pao ralado e molho de tomate - Carrozza, deep-fried mozzarella in bread crumbs & tomato sauce
Entrecosto com molho barbecue - Spare ribs with garlic, white wine, barbecue sauce
Calamari a romana com lime mayonnaise - Calamari in Batter & garlic, lime mayonnaise
The calamari and lime mayonnaise were delicious. The batter was light but tasty and the mayonnaise was the perfect accompaniment. I could have eaten two plates but at this point there was some serious food prioritising going on.

All in all I was thoroughly pleased that we had finally decided to give Sebz a go. For locals, you'll know that Gloucester is not a great place for good, independant restaurants. There's only so many times I can endure Frankie & Benny's and whilst I try, I cannot quite convince myself that KFC is 'eating out' especially when you don't even get out of the car.

It was very quiet when we ate which was probably because the rugby was on, so our food appeared quite quickly. We were both pleased to find somewhere new to eat locally and will definitely be going back.

Check out the menus Sebz has to offer here.

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