Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Smart, edgy and girly all at once? Yeah, go on then.

I'm loving high waisted anything at the moment. It's a really classic style and suits everyone.
This look has a basis of being smart but I like to add a bit of edge which is where my chain necklace comes in handy (wow that sounds gangsta).

Burgundy Shirt (actually a tunic) - Internacionale
Pleated Skirt - Primark
Chain Necklace - Primark

I've recently discovered backcombing although still struggle with doing it to anything but the ends of my hair, which, as you can see, makes for a very bouffant bun! I like to add hair accessories like this to give it something else. Va va voom? You decide!

Flowers - Primark

This beat up looking leather satchel is a new purchase. Unfortunately I can't claim a beautiful tale of how I was clearing out an elderly family members attic and came across this gem that once held their school books. No, I found this baby on a stall at Glastonbury. The lady has a shop called Carpe Diem on Chalk Farm Road in Camden. This satchel goes with anything and it is totally vintage and awesome.

Layering jewellery is something I love. I don't do matching, so anything mismatched gets the thumbs up. I think it can give your look an ethnic feel but at the same time if I wore this with a biker jacket and jeans it would still work.

Turquoise Ring - Thai market
Black Ring - H&M
Bracelets - H&M and Primark

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